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SK-758-4 هاند بلندر استنالس1000وات 4*1

Sk-758-4 Hand Blender 4 In 1 1000W,Hand Blender SK-758-4 12PCS/CTN CBM .4 and 1 multifunctional food processor .. Two speed

SK-1714-5 5*1 هاند بلندر 800وات

Sk-1714-5 Hand Blender Safety Button Dishwasher 800W Stainless Steel Shaft Safety Button Power Bell For Fast And Perfect Results Anti

SK-768-4 4*1 هاند بلندر استنالس 800وات

768-4 Hand Kitchen Blender 800W,768-4 Hand, blender, chopper, whisk Large chopper attachment Unique comfort grip 2 speed switch 800 watt